Motion Platforms – Driving your project home

Let the best in sensory driven technology, drive your project home

710-3-500 Motion Base Platform 500 pound payload with seat

710-3-500 Motion Base Platform 500 pound payload with seat

Unsurpassed expertise combined with close customer relations makes Servos & Simulation the leader in the design and development of motion platform systems. Around the world, Servos & Simulation’s electric motion platforms are helping customers provide high realistic motion cues in simulators for land, sea and air vehicles as well as in the entertainment and virtual reality industries. Working closely with customers to provide solutions that are precisely matched to their exact requirements, our engineering team offers a wealth of knowledge and real-world experience. Our standard base line systems encompass a complete motion platform system that includes the motion base with custom top, electricals to run the system, integrated braking safety system, cabling and system manuals with a one year warranty and lifetime technical support. We feature high performance motion cueing for enhanced realism, high reliability with digital control loops that do not drift or deteriorate for greater fidelity, modular and scalable for greater flexibility in system design, cost-effective design and operation, and easy to install, use and maintain. Our systems come in two, three, five, six and seven axes with payloads ranging from 500 to 10,000 pounds.

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