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Are you facing issues with your simulator, unsure of what's causing the malfunction?

At Servos & Simulation, we specialize in getting simulators back up and running! With our expertise in refurbishing, rebuilding, and repairing AST, ASE, CAE, Frasca, and Paradigm simulators, we can help bring your old Trainer back to life. If you're struggling with a CRJ and its phidget boards, preventing the system from functioning, we have the solution. Even if you own a 737 or an A320, we've got you covered.

Looking for an upgrade to your flight controls, so they're not just springs but actual feedback controls? Consider it done!

If you've experienced any damage due to a storm, don't worry - send us photos, and we'll assist you. And if you have a non-working entertainment simulator ride, we have extensive experience in repairing systems such as Tsunami Entertainment, Camber Entertainment, and Metropolis Entertainment.

If you're feeling lost and need guidance, give us a try! We can help you with FSUIPC, Project Magenta Glass Cockpit problems, Instructor Station issues, and networking problems.

Did you lose an entire computer in your system? Don't fret - talk to us, and we'll find a solution.

We're here to offer general assistance, so let's start a conversation and get things rolling. If we don't have the answer, we most likely know someone who does.

Struggling with non-working Old Fokker loaders? Well, we can fix that too!

If your supplier abandoned you on a contract, we're more than happy to step in and pick up where they left off.

Contact support at 407-807-0208 or email at

Frasca Retrofit 422