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Do you have a non-functioning or limited functioning simulator and have no idea what is wrong with it?

Servos & Simulation may be able to help get your simulator working again! We have experience with refurbishing, rebuilding, and repairing AST, ASE, CAE, Frasca, and Paradigm simulators. Have an old Frasca 172 Trainer that you would like to update and fly again. Have a CRJ with a bunch of phidget boards and no way of getting the system to see them again so the sim will fly again… we know-how. Have a 737 or an A320… not a problem.

Would you like to update the flight controls so that they are not just springs but actual feedback controls, not a problem!

Have something else that was totaled in a storm… send us photos!

Have a non-working entertainment simulator ride... we can help! Tsunami Entertainment, Camber Entertainment, Metropolis Entertainment just to name a few of the systems that we have designed and repaired.

Have no idea and just need help… try us!

FSUIPC, Project Magenta Glass Cockpit problems, Instructor Station, and networking problems… not a problem…

Lost a whole computer on a system… talk to us…

Just help in general… start a dialog and get the ball rolling… if we do not know, more than likely, we know someone that can.

Old Fokker loaders not working… we can fix that too…

Got left by your supplier on a contract… we would be more than happy to pick up where they left off.

Contact support at 407-807-0208 or email at

Frasca Retrofit 422
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