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Committed to being your world-class partner of intelligent servo systems, Servos & Simulation uses the power of science, innovation, and forward-thinking engineering to provide you cutting-edge technology for simulation and beyond!

Since pioneering the first all-electric digital control loader in 1990, Servos & Simulation has been there at every turn to deliver reliable products and services to its customers. Expanding the control loader line into motion base platforms using the same stable servo systems found on our control loaders.

Thinking beyond the traditional, Servos & Simulation is constantly creating new solutions and services for its customers in all industries. Moving your world means more than manufacturing a product that fits your needs; it means ease of business with complete support and developing tools to assist you in every phase of the design process.

Having more than 35 years in the simulation and aerospace industries, Servos & Simulation understands the complexities involved with requirement specifications, MIL-STD, and the like easing this burden from the customer by always implementing industry standards across our complete product line. Quality and safety is our foremost concern.

Started in 1980 by Mr. Baker, he has taken the knowledge the simulator industry has taught him and made it better by always thinking outside the box. Having more than 45 years in the industry, Mr. Baker is one of the foremost pioneers in the industry bringing some of the highest and most technologically advanced engineering to Aerospace; some of which is taken for granted in the industry and is used every day. With several patents in hand and more waiting to be granted, Mr. Baker is the leading inventor of new technology in this industry. From gimbal system to stabilized platforms, Mr. Baker has either designed it or repaired it and made it better than the original engineers ever hoped it would be.

With a staff that has been with the company for more than 30 years, you can rest assured that all products built and designed by Servos & Simulation will be thoroughly assembled, quality checked, and ready to run out of the box for years and years to come.

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Our Client Portfolio Includes some of the biggest names in the industry:

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