With 35 years of experience working for Servos & Simulation, Rachel Baker does engineering, project management, and handles day-to-day ownership. Exposure to all types of simulation from military to commercial to entertainment has made Mrs. Baker well-rounded and insightful as to the possibilities and potential limitations in the industry. One of Rachel’s passions is in assisting customers with education in the simulation industry and engineering solutions for their potential applications. I have been the CEO of Servos & Simulation since 2003 and obtained ownership of the company in 2013. My father, Bruce Baker, started the company in 1981 and I came to work for him in 1988. I feel privileged to have worked with my father for so many years and the many people that worked with him that were patient enough to teach me.

Servos & Simulation is the premier manufacturer of Control Loading and Motion Platform Systems for all applications. These applications include servo systems, simulation, flight simulators, control loaders, control loading, motion systems, motion platforms, motion seats, night vision systems, stable platforms, E/O systems, shaker tables, electro-optics, virtual reality, entertainment systems, and gimbal systems.