Checking in on one of our older installations

In 2015, we visited Harris Corp in Melbourne, Florida to inspect a high-angle six-axis motion base platform system that we had installed back in 2003. The system was used to test Sea State 6 antennas for shipboard communications. The customer reported that the system was still functioning well and had been in constant use for all those years.

Upon arrival, we found that the system was a little dirty, but otherwise, it required no attention. The customer was interested in knowing what maintenance they should perform on the system. However, we observed that there was nothing that needed attention, even after being exposed to the Florida heat for so long.

We were impressed with the system's durability and reliability, and we asked the customer to demonstrate how it worked so that we could show our new sales guy what a large motion base looked like in action. The customer was more than happy to oblige, and we watched the system run from a CCTV.

We then went to the enclosure to inspect the motion base and observe its operation. To our surprise, the system was so silent that the A/C unit next to it was louder than the base itself. There had been no changes to the system since its installation 12 years earlier.

We recommended upgrading the electronics as some of the parts were no longer available commercially and building a new computer. We were excited to help them with this as the new electronics would improve the motion base's performance without having to change out the mechanical items.

An update: we built and installed a new computer with new software for the customer, and the original system is on standby as a backup. They are currently working on getting budget monies to upgrade the electronics to further improve the system's performance.

Here is a video of the motion base when we installed it. Enjoy!

L3Harris Corp Sea State 6 Antenna Testing Motion Base

L3Harris Corp Sea State 6 Antenna Testing Motion Base

Harris Corp Sea State 6 Motion Base Antenna Testing System