Checking in on one of our older installations

Back in 2015, we went to Harris Corp in Melbourne, Florida to check a high angle six axis motion base platform system that we installed in 2003 to inspect it. The customer said that it was working fine and had been in constant use for these years. The system is used for Sea State 6 antenna testing for shipboard communications.

Upon arrival, other than being a little dirty, not one thing needed attention. Nothing. The customer wanted to know what maintenance that they should do for it. After looking it over, I couldn't find one thing that needed any attention. Even after all of these years outdoors in the Florida heat (it is in an enclosure, but it isn't in an actual building).

I was impressed and so was the customer.

I asked to see it run so that I could show our new sales guy what a large motion base looked like when it was running. So the customer was more than happy to turn the system on... he threw a few switches, pressed a few keys on the keyboard for the computer control and the motion base was in motion (we were watching from a CCTV).

We walked out to the enclosure to check the motion base and see how well it operated... so silent that the A/C unit next to it was louder than the motion base. Nothing had changed in the 12 years since it was installed.

We came to an agreement that it might be time to upgrade the electronics as some of the parts are not commercially available anymore and build a new computer. We cannot wait to help them with this as the new electronics will make the motion base perform better than it does now... without having to change out the mechanical items.

Update: We built and installed a new computer with new software for them. The original system is on standby for a backup. They are working on getting budget monies to update the electronics to make the performance better than it is now.

Here is a video of the motion base when we installed it. Enjoy!

Harris Corp Sea State 6 Motion Base

Harris Corp Sea State 6 Motion Base

Harris Corp Sea State 6 Motion Base Antenna Testing System

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