Feedback Control Loader – Product Literature

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Model 400-x FAA Level 7 through D Control Loader Systems

Model 400-X Feedback Control Loader System was designed to meet the world’s highest levels of certification from the JAA, FAA and military equivalents for rotary and fixed wing aircraft, but can be adapted for a variety of training simulation apparatus such as steering wheels, throttles, collectives, seat shakers and tillers. Utilizing minimal to zero backlash gearboxes in a variety of configurations in conjunction with DC brush type motors, friction and inertia are virtually zero and are not present in the flight controls. Our unique coupled-mass servo force-loop technology provides the technical foundation for all our systems. Combined with highly responsive electric actuators and sophisticated math software models, the 400-X Feedback Control Loader System provides the highest fidelity control loading anywhere. The aircraft control model is based on real aircraft data model. Any type of control system can be simulated: fully boosted, partially boosted or non-boosted. The spring rate and the damping can be varied so that the system can simulate the change in the force gradient and damping that is present with the change in dynamic pressure. Friction, stops, breakouts, boost actuators, non-linear gearing, non-linear hinge moments and auto-pilots (simulated and real) are available with this system. 400-X Feedback Control Loader System can be used with our 300-X Feedback Control Loader System and our full motion base platform product line to make a comprehensive and cohesive system for simulation training.

Model 300-x FAA Level 1 through 6 Control Loader Systems

Model 300-X Feedback Control Loader System was designed for new flight control systems and to replace of spring type systems in existing systems. It has the advantage over spring type systems as it can be customized and trimmed out for each particular application and aircraft. This system is typically lower in cost than a mechanical spring type system with better fidelity. Model 300-X feedback control loader systems have a flight control model working with a Host or work in conjunction with MS Flight Simulator, Prepar3D or X-Plane.

The 300-X Feedback Control Loader system utilizes modified Helical gearboxes coupled with AC motors utilizing a closed servo loop to control the system for smooth and reliable performance. The gearbox has been modified to reduce backlash to a minimum, but some minor friction and inertia is reflected into the flight controls (see table below). This system was primarily designed for FAA Level 1 through 6 flight trainers. These systems have been certified for use in CRJ/737/A320 and Robinson R22/R-44Trainers up to FAA level 6.

Items of Interest

Rotary Wing Systems

  • Collective Lever
  • Cyclic Stick
  • Directional Pedals

Fixed-Wing Systems - FAA Level D

  • Fighter Stick, Wheel & Column
  • Rudder Pedals
  • Throttle Controls
  • Stab Trim
  • Auto-Pilots

Control System Modeling

  • Multi-Mass Modeling
  • Aircraft Measurement
  • Aircraft Dynamic Curves
  • Verification and Validation

Vibration Systems

  • Single Axis Seat Shakers
  • Multi-Axis Platform Systems