Three Axis Motion Base Platform – Product Literature

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Motion Platform Technology - Three Axis (3DOF) Motion Base Platform

Assisting you in today and the future’s simulation challenges

Our generic base line systems encompass a complete electric motion platform system that includes the motion base with the top, electricals to run the system, integrated braking safety system, cabling and system manuals with a one year warranty and lifetime technical support. The optional computer system comes with the necessary cabling, maintenance software and OEM SDK for custom software. Custom software and Host Interfaces are available. All Three Axis systems have Roll, Pitch and Heave with payloads starting at 500Lbs to 30,000+Lbs.

Combining a long history in electric control loop technology, Servos & Simulation has been offering custom electric motion platforms for the aerospace industry since 1993. Servos & Simulation provides the highest level of performance available at these sizes in the industry.


  • High performance motion cueing for enhanced realism
  • High reliability with digital control loops that do not drift or deteriorate for greater fidelity
  • High degree of modularly and scalability for greater flexibility in system design
  • Cost-effective design and operation
  • Integrated Safety System
  • Easy to install, use and maintain
  • Optional computer control
  • Optional feedback control
  • Custom software for specific applications


  • Complete Electric Design
  • Completely Sealed Mechanical Systems
  • Proven reliable design for decades of use
  • Operates on either 110VAC or 220VAC (model dependent)
  • Simple to minimal maintenance required.
  • Quiet, clean operation
  • Position Information Available
  • All designs are customizable
  • Compact design with integrated forklift points (model dependent)
  • Can be completely weatherproof for extreme environments


  • FAA Airplane FTD
  • Helicopter FTD
  • Automobiles - cars, light vehicles, NASCAR
  • Trucks - Humvee, 18 wheeler
  • Cranes
  • Research
  • Medical - ergonomics, balance, conveyance therapy
  • Satellite Antenna Testing
  • Military - gun training
  • Sea State / Shipboard
  • Marine Training - submarines, boats, watercraft
  • Drilling Platforms
  • Treadmills - walking, running, bicycling
  • Entertainment Systems
  • Limited only by your imagination!